ABRAHAM - abraham trusts god

adam & eve - god created us to be friends with him & each other

advent - the angel appears to mary - god loves us so much, he gave us the gift of jesus

ascension - jesus had to say goodbye but he promised a very special present

Christmas - god loved us so much he sent jesus

creation - god is king over everything he made

david & goliath - when we have god by our side, nothing is too big or scary

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doubting thomas - we don't need to see jesus by our side, we know he is with us

easter day & palm Sunday combined - god's rescue plan

elijah - God loves us & we can trust him to help us

feeding of 5,000-  jesus can make amazing things happen

gideon - god is great & powerful. nothing is too big for him

Good samaritan - Jesus wants us to show love to everyone

jesus chooses his first disciples - we can be friends with jesus too

jesus heals peter's mother-in-law - God uses us to help people too

jesus 'lost' in the temple - God loves us & wants us to spend time with him

jesus washes the disciples feet - Jesus wants us to serve others too

john the baptist - John came to prepare us for jesus

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Jonah & the whale - God always goes on loving us, even when we make bad choices

Joseph - God can turn bad things to good

lost coin - we are precious & loved by God & he will come & find us

Lost sheep - jesus loves us & wants us to stay close to him

lydia - lydia becomes Jesus' friend

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martha & mary - jesus wants us to spend time with him too

miraculous catch of fish - jesus promises to be with us and help us

moses as a baby - God has good plans for us

moses and the ten commandments - we can never keep all God's rules, but he loves us & sent Jesus to help us

Moses leads gods people out of egypt - God rescued his people & sent jesus to help us be his friend

noah - god loves us very much and will always keep his promises

palm sunday - jesus wants to be our friend. this was part of god's rescue plan

Paul & silas in prison - we can be brave & strong because of the holy spirit

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paul is shipwrecked - God is with us through the storms of life

pentecost - god sent his holy spirit to help us

peter denies jesus - jesus loves us even when we get things wrong

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peter in jail - jesus hears our prayers. he loves us & wants the best for us

peter walks on water - jesus can help us when we're scared

philip & the ethiopian - we can help others know about jesus 

prodigal son -  God loves us even when we do things wrong

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rich young man - if we want jesus to be our proper friend, we need to love him and want him to be in every part of our lives 

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ruth & naomi - god can help us if we trust him

samuel - god knows us by name & wants to talk to us

saul becomes paul (road to damascus) - jesus wants to change our lives with his love

the ten lepers - jesus loves to hear you praise him and say 'thank you'

TIMID PETER BECOMES BOLD PETER - Peter talks to the crowd and then helps others through the power of the Holy Spirit

transfiguration - with jesus as our friend, he can transform us to the person he wants us to be

tower of babel - we can only be really happy when we let god be the god of our lives

wedding at cana - jesus has the power to show his love & care for everyone

Wise & foolish builders - we need to stay close to God, listen & trust him

woman at the well - Jesus' love is special & wonderful & he wants to give it to each one of us

Zaccheus - jesus loves us even when we do things wrong

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zechariah & elizabeth - part of God's plan to show people how to be friends with jesus